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Once upon a time, employees were able to rely on a pension plan, retirement plan, or other social programs to cover the costs of their retirement living. Unfortunately, sizable pensions are not common today, and an individual must take charge in order to ensure their financial freedom during retirement years.

If you aren’t sure where to start the saving and planning process, don’t despair! The professional Ontario retirement planning services from Walton Financial Group Inc. can help you get a head start on saving for your golden years.

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What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning involves setting specific goals for retirement income and laying out the steps necessary to achieve those goals. As such, retirement planning can include identifying income sources, implementing a savings program, sizing up expenses, and managing assets and financial risks. In addition, for successful retirement planning, future cash flows must be estimated to determine whether the retirement income goal is possible to achieve.


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Benefits of Retirement Planning Services in Barrie, Ontario

Retirement planning comes with a range of benefits that go far beyond financial security alone. When you work with Walton Financial on your retirement plan, you can:

Have Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind is possibly one of the most important benefits of retirement planning services. Planning for your future not only reduces the stress during retirement; it gives you peace of mind during years leading up to it. On the other hand, if you fail to plan for the future, you are likely to experience stress and uncertainty around finances on a daily basis.

Make Better Pre-Retirement Decisions

If you prioritize planning for retirement early on, you will be able to make more efficient financial choices, including your career decisions, investment planning, and more. Is it better to stay at your current job or open your own company? Will investing in an additional professional license or credential make sense financially? These and other decisions become easy once you know what you are trying to achieve.

Get on the Same Page with Your Family

One major benefit of early retirement planning is that it allows you to get on the same page with other relevant parties. For example, discussing a retirement plan with your spouse will ensure that your retirement spending and lifestyle desires align. Furthermore, some individuals wish to assist their adult children in starting a business or purchasing a home. In either case, planning ahead and discussing the retirement plan with the family is important.

Enjoy Tax Benefits

Retirement planning in Ontario comes with several tax benefits, including the reduced amount of income taxes you will have to pay while retired. In addition, working with a licensed financial planner from Walton Financial will help to ensure that beneficiaries to retirement and other types of accounts will pay as little tax as possible.

How Much Money Do You Need to Save for Retirement?


When trying to determine how much money you actually need to set aside for retirement, there are several factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, the age you would like to retire and the amount of money you would like coming in each month plays a huge role. No two retirement plans are the same, and we can help you with setting the right goals and developing the appropriate retirement budget. This, in turn, will help to determine how much net income you will need from all sources. The right retirement plan also needs to factor in the impact of inflation and your potential length of life.

One of the biggest concerns people have is that they will outlive their money. By working with an experienced retirement planner from Walton Financial Group Inc., you will be able to ensure that everything is accounted for and you are comfortable when the time comes to retire.

How to Choose the Right Retirement Plan?


If you are still not sure how much money you need for retirement, a professional retirement planner from Walton Financial Group Inc. can help you out. Depending on your retirement goals and lifestyle you would like to have, we will help you set a retirement goal and guide you through the steps necessary to achieve it. The final retirement plan will take into account factors like your current annual income, how soon you would like to retire, and how much money you would like to keep to pass to your heirs. Based on these and other considerations, we will develop a retirement plan that is completely unique to you and your goals.

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Start Planning for Your Future with Walton Financial Group Inc.

Establishing a sound financial plan and regularly updating it is necessary for lifelong financial security. With the ever-changing investment options and tax laws, continuous reviews and adjustments are necessary to ensure you’re on top of the game.

At Walton Financial Group Inc., we are committed to designing customized and flexible retirement plans for our clients. We take pride in providing objective, well-researched advice to help you achieve your retirement goals. Get in touch today to learn more.


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