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Registered Education Savings Plan in Barrie, Ontario

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Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) in Barrie, Ontario

Planning finances ahead is difficult for many people, and this task becomes even more stressful when it involves the future of one’s child. Luckily, you can ensure the success of your children by opening a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for your son or daughter early on. At Walton Financial, we are happy to help you find the right type of RESP for your needs and establish flexible payment schedules to help you achieve your financial goals.


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RESP Overview

What is RESP?

Registered Education Savings Plan or RESP is a tax-advantaged savings account designed specifically for saving money for a child’s post-secondary education in the future. The plan is funded partially by the Canadian government through the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG), and anyone is welcome to contribute to it (parents, grandparents, parents’ friends, neighbours, or complete strangers). Importantly, while in an RESP, the savings for a child’s education grow tax-free.

There are three entities involved in any RESP:

  • Subscriber
    The subscriber is an individual that opens the account and contributes to it.
  • Beneficiary
    This is the child who will receive the contributions to use for education and related expenses.
  • Promoter
    Finally, the promoter is the organization that offers RESPs, - for example, a credit union, a bank, or a group scholarship provider.

How We Can Help

Types of RESPs in Barrie, Ontario

There are three types of Registered Education Savings Plans you can choose from:


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1. Family RESP

Family RESPs can have one or multiple beneficiaries, who must be related to the subscriber by blood or adoption. This includes one’s children, grandchildren, brothers, nephews, stepchildren, and more. The subscriber is free to self-direct the payment plan and contribute as desired. He or she can also designate portions of the RESP for beneficiaries.

2. Individual or Non-Family RESP

If you have a single child, you can become a subscriber by setting up an individual RESP for a single beneficiary. You could even set up an individual RESP for somebody not related to you by neither blood nor adoption! With this type of RESP, you would have to follow a flexible contribution schedule to make payments up to the annual limit.

3. Group RESP

Group plans can be set up for only one beneficiary, who does not have to be related to you. As compared to other types of RESPs, group plans tend to have more rules and restrictions. Here, the payment schedule is fixed, and you might incur penalties for missed payments.

With a group RESP, your contributions will go to a shared pool of earnings with other RESP subscribers who have children of the same age. Then, the funds will be invested in low-risk investments chosen by the group plan provider.

Benefits of a Registered Education Savings Plan

Opening an RESP for an important child in your life comes with several advantages:

Flexible Schedule


Aside from certain limits, you are largely in charge of your own saving schedule. You can choose how much you want to contribute and on what schedule; you also get to decide how you wish to invest your funds.

Government Matching


With any Registered Education Savings Plan, the Canadian government will match 20% of your contributions, up to $2,500 per year. The lifetime maximum of the government match is $7,200.

Tax-Sheltered Growth


Your RESP savings will accumulate tax-free until you withdraw the money. You are welcome to contribute up to a lifetime limit of $50,000 per beneficiary, which can be used up to 31 years after you first opened the account.

Flexible Use


You are free to use your RESP savings for a broad range of expenses related to the post-secondary education of the beneficiary. This includes tuition, housing costs, and other types of expenses.

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Invest in Your Child’s Future with Walton Financial Group Inc.

A post-secondary education can be expensive. Luckily, at Walton Financial, we can help you manage these costs successfully by opening a flexible and effective savings account early on.

With a Registered Education Savings Plan, you will be able to contribute up to $50,000 per child and receive an additional grant from the Canadian government of up to $7,200. When the time comes, your child will be able to pursue the post-secondary education of their dreams, without having to worry about taking on debt. Whether they choose to go to a college, a university, a trade school, or an apprenticeship program, all doors will be open!


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