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In today’s competitive job market, group health benefits are an excellent way to stand apart from the competition. A group benefits plan can help you to attract and retain talent, improve morale and boost productivity, and keep your employees healthy and satisfied.

Not sure where to start? At Walton Financial Group Inc., we can help you find just the right plan that will balance the needs of your employees and the cost that works for your company.


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What is a Group Benefits Plan?

Most of the time, group health benefits are included within an employee compensation package. The goal of a group benefits plan is to help employees cover dental and medical expenses that are not completely covered by government health plans. This often includes prescription drugs, hospital stay, dental procedures, vision care, as well as paramedical and ambulance services.

  • More Options For Employees
  • Health & Dental Coverage
  • Financially Convenient

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What is Included in a Group Benefits Plan in Barrie, Ontario?

A typical group benefits plan has four main components:


Why Offer Group Health Benefits?

Offering group health benefits as part of your compensation packages offers benefits to both you (the employer) and your employees.

1. Extended Health and Dental Coverage

This is the main part of a group health plan, - indeed, most of us need to pay for certain medical or dental procedures from time to time. When building your plan, you will have an option to choose what types of extended health and dental coverage you would like to offer. This can include:

  • Dental
    Most employees enjoy having dental coverage, as it helps to offset the costs of routine dental checkups and necessary treatments. Offering dental coverage as a part of your company’s group benefits plan is an excellent way to ensure that your employees take care of themselves.
  • Prescription drugs
    Nearly anyone will use prescription drugs at some point in their life. Offering drug coverage means that your employees will be able to afford the medication they need to stay healthy and productive.
  • Paramedical expenses
    Sometimes, visiting a paramedical practitioner is necessary for the best health outcome. This could include Dieticians, Registered Massage Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Podiatrists.

2. Life Insurance and Critical Illness Coverage

Death and critical illness is hard to think about, but it does happen. Life insurance means that in case your employee dies or becomes critically ill, their beneficiary will receive a lump sum of money. With this type of coverage, your employees can feel reassured that their loved ones won’t struggle financially in the event of their death.

3. Disability Coverage

Disability coverage means that if your employee becomes disabled, they will receive a portion of their monthly income while they are not able to work. Disability coverage can help your employees to pay for day-to-day living expenses while they are recovering or adjusting to their new life. The coverage can be either short-term or long-term.


Health and wellness of employees are critical components of a productive workspace. Wellness coverage typically includes access to an Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP). EFAP, in turn, usually includes counseling or mental health support to help your employees deal with challenging situations.

Another important aspect of wellness coverage is the encouragement of employees to be more active. For example, you could set up a wellness spending account, which would reimburse employees when they sign up for gym.

Which Insurance is Right for You?

Why Offer Group Health Benefits?

Offering group health benefits as part of your compensation packages offers benefits to both you (the employer) and your employees.

Benefits for the Employer
  • Attract and keep key employees
  • Maintain a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Premiums paid on group benefits can be deducted as a business expense
  • Can be less expensive than increasing salary
Benefits for the Employees
  • Helps protect the health of your employees and their families
  • IHelps reduce financial burden in case something happens
  • Employees can get coverage cheaper than most personal plans

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Take Care of Your Employees with the Help of Walton Financial

Offering a group benefits plan to your employees is key to keeping your team healthy, productive, and motivated to work. While there may be myriads of group health benefits solutions to choose from, finding the right one for your business is not an easy task.

While it may sound expensive and complicated, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! At Walton Financial, our professional team of financial advisors will work with you to find just the right balance of benefits that will work for your company and budget.


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