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  4. To help you clearly understand your current situation, try The Business Blueprint Report Card. Rate your reactions to each pair of phrases. Decide where you lie on the scale of 1-10. 10 being you strongly agree with the statement, 1 meaning you strongly disagree. Your responses will be totalled and rated with our financial report card.

  5. 1. We have a structured agreement or funding in place in the event of death of an owner(s).

  6. 2. We have an exit or transition plan in place for the owner(s) upon retirement.

  7. 3. We do receive superior service and advice from our employee benefits consultant.

  8. 4. We know that our employee benefits plan is priced competitively with the market.

  9. 5.The business would not suffer greatly in the event of death or disability to a key person or owner.

  10. 6. We do have a group retirement plan in place for our employees.

  11. 7. We do offer assitance to our employees with regards to retirement planning or counseling.

  12. 8. The owner(s) and senior management do have a sound wealth management strategy corporately assisted.

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