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With our head office situated in Barrie, Ontario, we are well positioned to service clients from all over Simcoe County including Collingwood, Orillia, Midland and of course Barrie. Our team of financial advisors, lawyers and tax planners help individuals, families and small business owners set long-term financial goals through managing risk as well as addressing solutions for investments, income protection, retirement and estate planning.


We offer London Life’s own brand of savings and investments, retirement income, life insurance, and mortgages, in addition to a broad range of financial products including RRSPs (registered retirement savings plans), RESPs (registered education savings plans) and TFSAs (tax free savings accounts) from other leading financial institutions. We have access to the  specialists that focus on a wide range of insurance.

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Walton Financial is a one stop resource for smart business owners. While no two clients are identical, they do have one thing in common: They all strive to make smart business decisions.

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Are you taking the steps today to ensure that you have enough to live your retirement dream??

When you retire, you plan to __________...

What is your plan??
... travel
... spend time with grandkids
... learn a new hobby
... volunteer

See us to make sure that you see your plans all the way through!

Thank you for choosing Walton Financial Group for your retirement planning!
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There is something about make-ahead meals that takes the stress out of dinner, yet keeps the goodness of homemade.

Brad and I enjoy kitchen time together on Sundays, to prep and freeze meals like manicotti or a yummy batch of spaghetti sauce. Anything to make life easier, especially when we already have enough on our plates... pun intended! ☺️💛Bon Appetite! - Dana
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"The Vikings favored the throwing axe as one of their weapons. Knights and men-at-arms (who consisted of foot soldiers or archers) used different types of weapons. The Medieval Throwing Axe was predominantly used by a Foot Soldiers. The weapons used were dictated according to status and position. The weapons, armor and horse of the Knight were extremely expensive - the fighting power of just one knight was worth 10 ordinary soldiers."

We celebrate going to battle at the office everyday, at war with the photo copier, transfer forms, audits, conference calls, dead mascots ( miss you Gary, Larry and Gil), emails, faxes, scans, post it's, jammed staplers that are 'jam proof', underwriting, new business now, old business now, and all the other things we may have missed.

We are Vikings.

The team that throws axes together, stays together! 🤗

Thank you for the awesome team that we are! Curtis, Joyce , Linda, Colin, Nasim, Marlene, Dana and Brad.

Iron Nation Axe Throwing
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Because weekends tend to go faster than weekdays...

Happy Monday morning from your friends at Walton Financial Group!

Thank you for choosing Walton Financial Group for your retirement planning needs!
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Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's important to remember that there's always something to be grateful for and a simple a shift in perspective is often all that's needed to turn things around. 🍂

May all your days be great!
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Exciting to see this for this fantastic cause in our amazing community! Way to go Barrie, together we lift each other!

Now, let's get the WFG boys to "walk a mile" in those famous high heels next year! "Like" this post if you vote YES! 👠👠👠

Thank you for choosing Walton Financial Group for your life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness planning needs.
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